The Shrewsbury Borough Police Department is accepting resumes for the position of Police Officer.  Shrewsbury is an equal opportunity employer.  Applicants must possess a current NJ PTC BCPO certificate or
a waiverable SLEO ll certificate.  Resumes should be sent to: Chief Louis Ferraro by 4:00pm, Monday, November 16, 2015.

Louis G. Ferraro, Chief of Police

Shrewsbury Borough Police Department

PO Box 221

Shrewsbury, NJ  07702

I hope you enjoy visiting the Shrewsbury Borough Police Department website. Besides opening the lines of communication with the public, the website was designed to help you familiarize yourself with the Police Department and its officers. The website is continually being improved and you will see many changes over the next year. We hope the changes will encourage you to become more involved in working with us to continue making Shrewsbury Borough a safe community.

The Shrewsbury Borough Department continually strives to maintain our professionalism and deliver quality policing to the community. The Police Department is committed to providing law enforcement services that are fair, effective and impartially applied. The effectiveness of a law enforcement agency is dependent upon public approval and acceptance of police authority. This Department must be responsive to the community and thus has adopted a core value of "quality through continuous improvement." To that end, I wish to encourage your input. In the website, we have provided several sections which allow you to input information regarding traffic complaints, suspicious activity, suggestions for improving service, and much more.

Again, Thank you for visiting or website and please continue to forward your suggestions.

Chief Louis G Ferraro  Our Mission Statement - Strategic Direction

Latest News

Phone Scams

            The Shrewsbury Police Department is warning residents of ongoing phone scams. Any person who receives a phone call, where the caller demands money sent to them for any reason, should question the validity of the call. Some recent phone scams include the IRS, JCP&L , “grandparent scam”, or ransom.

The JCP&L scam is where the caller threatens the victim, telling them that he will have their electricity turned off unless a delinquent payment is made immediately through a money order.

The IRS scam usually entails the caller claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service and threatens arrest unless similar payments are made.

The "grandparent scam," is a scheme in which an older person receives a telephone call from someone claiming to be a grandchild in need of money. The caller usually claims to be under arrest and needs the grandparent to quietly and immediately wire money through Western Union or money order.

The ransom scam is where the caller states they have their relative and demand a ransom for their safe return.

In most occasions, the caller will want the money sent to them via green dot moneypak, western union or money order.

If monies are owed to companies, official correspondence will be made through mail and not by threatening calls.    

Any resident who has been victimized or has received similar type calls are asked to contact the Shrewsbury Police Department at 732-741-2500.